Bianca Jurca: „Ceau Ovidiu. Îmi pare rău dar nu pot să îți dau poze dezbrăcată pentru că aș avea probleme cu partidul. Sunt secretara unui parlamentar, nu pot apărea în sânii goi”

Bianca Jurca: „Ceau Ovidiu. Îmi pare rău dar nu pot să îți dau poze dezbrăcată pentru că aș avea probleme cu partidul. Sunt secretara unui parlamentar , nu pot apărea în sânii goi”

Bianca Jurca: „ceau ovi.ti am trimis 2 poze,.foarte frumos site ul.scrisul vreau ,,despre mine,,”ceau ovidiu. imi pare rau dar nu pot sa iti dau poze dezbracata pt ca as avea probleme cu partidul.sunt secretara unui parlamentar,nu pot aparea in sanii goi. daca site ul nu e ok fara poza dezbracata,atunci prefer sa nu mai am site. imi pare rau dar nu pot trimite. Friday, October 9, 2009, 12:17 PM
ovi eu nu vreau cearta,nu vreau scandal. eu imi doream un articol dar altceva. a provocat un mare scandal articolul ce a aparut cu valeriu tabara si poza mea. ieri a trebuit sa ma retrag de la d l valeriu tabara. avea rost sa faca radu asa ceva? eu nu am facut decat sa ma deschid tie si lui radu,am vrut sa facem ceva frumos ,nicidecum un scandal ca sa imi pierd serviciul.te rog din suflet sa nu mai lasi sa se poate copia pozele de pe site. intelege ma si pe mine te rog! am fost de acord cu site ul ,dar nu sunt de acord sa se poata lua poze. sper sa intelegi ca am probleme cu partidul datorita pozelor ,nu din alt motiv. te pup. Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 12:10 PM

Trump Access Hollywood


Kim Jong Un calls Trump a ‘mentally deranged U.S. dotard’

VIDEO- Kim Jong Un calls Trump a ‘mentally deranged U.S. dotard’
th Korean leader Kim Jong Un called President Donald Trump a “dotard” in response to Trump’s speech on Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly.

“I am now thinking hard about what response he could have expected when he allowed such eccentric words to trip off his tongue,” Kim said in a statement from North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency. “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire.”

Following the release of the statement, Merriam-Webster said online that searches for the definition of the word dotard are “high as a kite.” According to Merriam-Webster, a dotard describes a person who is in a state of “senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness.”

VIDEO – Kim Jong Un: Donald Trump – senile, imbecile, foolish old person. (Dotard)
„Dotard means a person in a feeble or childish state due to old age. It’s a translation of a Korean word, “neukdari,” which is a derogatory reference to an old person.”
That Mr. Kim would call Mr. Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard” on Friday was something more of a surprise. The word “dotard” in particular sent people to the dictionary to look up the arcane put-down.

North Korea’s leader called President Donald Trump „a frightened dog” and a „gangster fond of playing with fire” in an official statement released Thursday.

„dotard” — an arcane term for a senile or weak-minded elderly person.

Dotard: a person exhibiting a decline in mental faculties; a weak-minded or foolish old person.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as „an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile”.

Its US brethren, Merriam-Webster, further clarified that the word initially meant „imbecile”, and stems from the Middle English word „doten” which means „to dote”.

Nicolette Shea

Cybergirl Nicolette Shea is a real card. She’s tall – 5’10” 1,78 cm weight: 131 lbs/ 59kg– with long limbs and a svelte waist, fair haired hair, and green eyes like a couple of martini olives. She’s a certified personal instructor, promotional model and competitive poker player in Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ve seen her before – Nicolette was featured on Playboy Radio, as a thick vixen on the Girls Network, and as Cybergirl of the Week and Month in 2011. “I grew up in Rocklin, a tiny town in northern California,” says Nicolette. “My parents worked hard for their living. They taught me good values – to work for what I wanted, to expect the unexpected.” And Nicolette is not what you’d expect. “I was a daddy’s gal – he used to take me on hiking and fishing trips. Now that I’m older, I like to go to the lake with my guy friends – go fishing, have a beer, watch the game – anything, really!” Cards on the table – Nicolette is single, and she plays the dating game hand-to-hand. “I like a guy or gal with a tough exterior and a velvety interior,” she says. “Strong guys, and girls that embrace their strength and femininity. I enjoy to be bitten on the ear, kissed on the neck, and – most of all – to laugh.” Needless to say, the deck is stacked in her favor. Nicolette tells us about her goals, her first Playboy shoot and being a role model in her Facetime interview

Nicolette Shea

  Model Nicolette Shea-

Nicolette Shea Biography WikiAbout:- Nicolette Shea is a famous American Model who is best known from her photos which she posts on Instagram. She gain huge fame as a Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month in October 2011. Nicolette posts her curvy body photos on her Instagram and YouTube channel. Nicolette has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. She is also active on Twitter,where she has more than 103K followers 


Profession :- Model and Social Media Personality

Born :- Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Date of Birth :- 18 November, 1986

Age :- 30 years old

Height :- 5 feet 11 inches [1.80 m]

Weight :- 58.5 Kg

Measurements :- 36D-22-36

Hair Colour :- Blonde

Eye Colour:– Green

Ethnicity :-Caucasian

Boyfriend :- Not Available

Nationality :- Ameican`

Facebook :- › Las Vegas, Nevada › People › Public Figure

Twitter :-

Instagram :-

Youtube Link:-

Lindsey Pelas 

La bella modelo y conejita de Playboy realizó una sensual campaña gráfica en la que no dejó dudas: su anatomía es casi perfecta
La bellísima modelo norteamericana Lindsey Pelas, de 23 años, es una mujer que ha conquistado las redes sociales merced a sus infinitas curvas y a la sensualidad que desprenden cada una de ellas. De esta manera, la chica ha podido granjearse una cuenta de Instagram en la que cuenta con la friolera de 700 mil seguidores.

Aquí tienen una galería con fotos de Lindsey Pelas desnuda en su portafolio como Playboy Cybergirl llamado ”En el cielo”, donde la conejita de piel blanca y rubia cabellera hace lucir sus grandes atributos como esos pechos de talla 32DDD, algo que de seguro les agrada a todos aquellos que les gustan las chicas con grandes y sensuales senos.

Lindsey Pelas was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She functioned as a barkeep in Louisiana before taking off to school. She started displaying while going to LSU in 2013. She went to Dallas throwing call for Playboy and showed up as a Playboy Amateur in February 2014. She was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month in May 2014.


Lindsey Pelas was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She functioned as a barkeep in Louisiana before taking off to school. She started displaying while going to LSU in 2013. She went to Dallas throwing call for Playboy and showed up as a Playboy Amateur in February 2014. She was named Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Month in May 2014.

Increase present expectations for Lindsey Pelas, a model and barkeep from provincial Louisiana. She’s petite – 5’3″ – with platinum blonde hair, green eyes and characteristic 32DDD bust. “I was conceived in Ruston, brought up in Loranger and went to class in Baton Rouge,” she says, with the faintcl

“My family is truly sensible – I’ve got five sisters and three siblings, and our terrace was a cornfield!” In secondary school, Lindsey was a hard worker – a distinction understudy, class treasurer and voted Most Ambitious by her companions – and proceeded with that upward pattern with a four-year college education in history from Louisiana State. “I began displaying in school,” she says. “I did a schedule and a few neighborhood advertisements. When I heard there was a Playboy throwing in Dallas, I knew I needed to go.

I brought a companion and we made a street outing out of it.” The rest, as Lindsey may say, is history. “As I would like to think, Playboy models are not just wonderful – they’re valiant and brave,” she says. “Playboy is the ideal route for me to hotshot my body. You’ll never, ever see me streaking on Bourbon road!” When she’s not behind the bar – or before the cam, so far as that is concerned – Lindsey loves to go out with her companions.

“We set out for some tailgating, hit the bars in Tiger land or take a weekend excursion to New Orleans,” she says. “Other than that, I love Lana Del Ray, frightening motion pictures and my canine. He’s the adoration for my life!” Speaking of her affection life, as a barkeep, Lindsey has heard each pick-up line in the book. Yet she’s got little she could call her own thoughts on dating in the bar scene. “My “sort” changes week to week,” she concedes. “You can be buffed, a thin bibliophile or a more seasoned man – it all relies on upon my mind set. Anyway wow, I’ll always fall for a man in a decent suit.” Suit yourselves, fellows, ’cause Miss Pelas is not one to be missed.

Curvy platinum-blonde model, Lindsey Pelas is a barkeep in rustic Louisiana. “My family is truly practical. I’ve got five sisters and three siblings, and our terrace was a cornfield!” Lindsey Pelas began displaying in school and

was found by Playboy in the former Dallas throwing. In a tight dark top and jeans, the blonde-haired charm angel face is an aggregate knockout, and in the event that you surmise that she looks great in her garments, simply holds up until you see Lindsey Pelas bare.

Am avut o franţuzoaică…

Aceasta e o intamplare adevarata. Din pacate.
Sper frumoasa, sexi…
Fratilor va povestesc acum ce-am patit cand aveam  20 de ani si mi-am terminat studiile.
Dupa un timp scurt mi-am gasit un loc de munca ca tehnician de electricitate la o fabrica de ciocolata Recunosc eram cam rusinos si naiv, scopul meu era sa-mi adun o suma de banii ca sa pot calatorii in tariile europene din occident.
Bine, hai ca imediat intru direct la subiect.
Am trecut un examen pot sa zic cam greu, dar l-am reusit cu un mare succes si-am intrat in campia muncii unde turele m-asteptau sa-mi ordoneze viata.
Era un laborator care verifica calitatea ciocolatii, tiu minte ca doamnele si fetele mai tinere care verificau calitatea erau atat de frumoase si elegante si parfumate, pot sa afirm cu mina pe inima ca nu exista un barbat care rezista in fata lor.
Eu fiind atat de rusinos si tanar nu speram la ceva. Erau destui care le dadeau tarcoale.
Intr-o seara am plecat spre serviciu si mergand spre fabrica, in intunericul  drumului mi s-a alaturat o tanara care ma vrajit imediat cu frumusetea ei. Era atat de frumoasa parca era o papusa.
Am continuat sa merg alaturi de ea si inima imi batea cu putere ca nu stiam ce sa spun.

Tot ea a deschis discutia si cu o voce fina si calda, cu un accent frantuzesc m-a intrebat daca nu cumva cunosc directia fabricii de ciocolata.
Auzi la ea ce coincidenta.
Cu vocea tremurata i-am raspuns ca si eu merg la fabrica…
Pe drum mi-a mai pus tot felul de intrebari la care eu i-am raspuns si astfel timiditatea mi-a mai disparut.Cand am ajuns parca eram prieteni.
Ami vazut-o mai bine in lumina si vraja s-a accentuat cat era de eleganta si sexi.
O chema Antonia.
Va dati seama, inima mea ce s-a aprins.
Lucra la un ziar si venise sa faca un reportaj despre laboratorul nostru. Inca din prima zi s-a integrat in colectiv si statea de vorba cu multa lume …si noaptea venea sa stea de vorba cu mine… Ne imprietenisem bine.
A fost cea mai frumoasa perioada cand tura de noapte nu mi s-a mai parut un calvar.
In a doua, sau a treia noapte, nu mai tin minte stateam si lucram cand a venit la mine si m-a rugat sa aranjez niste lucruri intr-un colt al vestiarului.Cand am terminat si m-am intors ea era in fata dulapului ei si tocmai isi scosese halatul. Ramasese in chiloti si sutien.
Nu mi-am putut abtine un: ooooo!
S-a intors si zambetul ei cald imi spunea: vino… il tin minte si acum.
Va spun sincer cu nu am putut sa rezist  si am lasat orice urma de timiditate si in cateva secunde eram cu ea in brate si ne sarutam cu disperare.
Ma incinsesem si ma gandeam daca vine cineva sa ne prinda acolo, insa nimeni n-avea treaba cu noi.
Am petrecut cu ea noaptea in vestiarul  laboratorului de ciocolata.
Bineinteles ca tot ea a avut initiativa si dupa ce si-a scos sutienul am putut admira ce sani superbi si rotunzi cu sfarcurile mici avea.
M-a dfezbracat de halat si de celelate haine si nu-mi venea sa cred ca toate astea mi se intampla mie.
Parfumul intrase de tot in mine si eram vrajit.
Cand am ramas in pielea goala m-a tras spre ea si din priviri m-a indemnat sa-i dau si ei jos chilotii.
I-am apucat cu mainile si pe masura ce-i coboram ma aplecam si eu din genunchi pana am ajuns cu fata indreptul acelei zone…atat de dorite.
Avea un triunghi frumos si cum stateam eu si-l admiram am simtit cum imi impinge cu mana capul catre el.
Am apucat-o cu ambele maini de fundul ei tare si fata mea se mangaia cu parul ei pubian.
Tot ea m-a tras in sus si apoi s-a asezat pe spate pe o banca ingusta din vestiar.
Cand m-a tras catre ea eu am incalecat banca si acolo s-a desfasurat una din cele mai frumose intamplari de dragoste din viata mea.
Din pozitia aia am patruns-o adanc cand si-a incolacit picioarele in jurul meu.
N-a durat mult ca eram incepatori amandoi dar asa de bine ne-am strans in brate dupa, c-am simtit ca inima mea ii apartine pe vecie.
Acea noapte a fost prima dintr-un sir lung de nopti si zile petrecute in vestiar, dar si acasa la ea unde ne iubeam de cate ori aveam ocazia.
Ne placea tare mult la amandoi.Cand eram impreuna nu mai faceam nimic altceva, decat dragoste si tot ea era cea care ma inemna de fiecare data sa schmb pozitiile.
De atunci mi-a disparut si timiditatea si rusinea cand sunt langa o femeie frumoasa si nu ma gandesc decat la momentul cand…
Ca orice poveste frumoasa si aceasta a avut un sfarsit frumos…dar tragic.
Am luat-o de nevasta.
De ce tragic?
6 decembrie 2003