Aishei Gaddafi, supranumită „Prințesa Păcii” i-a fost spart contul de facebook – Princess of Peace Aisha Gaddafi أميرة السلام عائشة القذافى Aïcha Kadhafi Princesse de la Paix

Princess Peace Aisha Gaddafi after the killing shot Quarter and petrol bombs and Amadamat aircraft in the issuance of the sons of the Libyan people defenseless, who was in the marches and peaceful demonstrations … The Sagtty from the eye of all Libyan Arab Jamahiriya all Libyan You do not Tmthleen not Temtlkin any of the good qualities so that you may be the Ambassador of  intentions, good or Cried the princess worthy of the title of peace because of your intervention to protect the children of thy people, Vanity Princess false appearances
ومضاذات الطائرات فى صدور ابناء الشعب الليبى العزل الذى كان فى مسيرات ومظاهرات سلمية …فقد سقطتى من عين كل ليبي وكل ليبية فأنت لا تمثلين ولا تمتلكين اى من الصفات الحسنة لكى تكونى سفيرة النواية الحسنة ولا يليق بكى لقب أميرة السلام بسبب عدم تدخلك لحماية ابناء شعبك
فأنتى أميرة المظاهر الكاذبة
1. Obtained by Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi on the Bachelor of Law from the Faculty of Law University of the Conqueror in 1998, P.
2. And obtained a master’s degree in international law in 2000 from P Department of Graduate Studies at the University of the Conqueror.
3. Made to study a doctorate in international law at the University of Sorbonne in Paris and then stopped the completion of its mission because of what happened in violations of international law in the world and said her famous (and absurd to waste time studying something that does not exist).
4. In recognition of the brave stance given the observatory University School of Law honorary doctorate for Dr sister. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi valuable P-2003.
5. Obtained a degree in Criminal Sciences Ph.D. on 1/14/2008 Christian University Observatory.

Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi, a member of several local and international institutions, including:

1. Secretary-General of the Assembly, and hold fast to charity.
2. Chairman of the Management Committee of the Kadhafi project for youth and children and women in Africa.
3. Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations in Libya.
4. Honorary Secretary of the Federation of NGOs.
5. Honorary President of the Office of the Higher Academy of International Law and Civil Rights in Iraq.
6. Honorary Secretary of the Office of the Libyan girl.
7. Honorary Secretary of the Federation of Publishers Libyans.
8. Honorary Secretary of the Union of Legal Community of Sahel and Sahara.
9. Honorary Secretary of the Libyan Society for Safe Childhood.
10. Honorary Secretary of the Organization of Physicians ((Community of Sahel-Saharan States)).
11. Honorary Secretary of the General Union of Women’s Associations.
12. Member body to defend Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

I got Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi on a number of decorations and shields in recognition of its role in activating the humanitarian work of the volunteer:

1. First prize for the girl „S.. R” outstanding 2008.
2. Prize girl Libyan outstanding 2007.
3. Shield of the National Union of Tunisian Women, 2007.
4. Shield of the General Union of Arab Students, 2007.
5. And Sam King of Bahrain, 2006.
6. Shield of the Islamic Centre for Quranic Studies, 2006.
7. Academy Gold Medal from the Academy of energy Bidhirbihan 2006.
8. Obtained on the most prominent Arab figure for the year 2005 – in a referendum carried out by the weekly newspaper the lights.
9. Medal of Honor from the first class of the Republic of Chad in 2005 P.
10. Arab Women’s Award of excellence in the field of public participation, Egypt P-2005.
11. Armor International Fund for children affected by the Chernobyl reactor in 2005 P
12. Shield Women’s Federation for Women 2004 Ukraine P.
13. Shield Assembly of Muslim women in Thailand in 2004 P.
14. Shield of the Secretariat for Women’s Affairs in Libya in 2004 P.
15. Trophy-General of the Arab NGOs and African P-2004.
16. Sam and tender and excellence of the Federation of NGOs for the year to care for the disabled P-2004.
17. Shield of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Niger in 2003 P-recognition of its efforts and contributions to the eradication of endemic diseases of the Republic.
18. Shield of the General Federation of Legal Community of Sahel and Sahara 2003, P.
19. Shield Faculty of Law, Cairo University, 2002 P.
20. Certificate of thanks and appreciation from the President of the Republic of Bosnia (d. Hiti_ Solomon) in recognition of their efforts and assistance provided to women and children during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia.
21. Medal of honor Union-Latin American Women Lawyers held in Caracas, Venezuela to be given to dignitaries and distinguished position in the field of human rights.

Signed Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi on a number of agreements and memorandums of understanding for the activation of humanitarian action:

1. The signing of the financial participation of a third party to build a school Abu Muammar Gaddafi Mnyar in the Gaza Strip between the Assembly and hold fast to charity and the United Nations P-2009.
2. The signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations on combating HIV-Aids „AIDS” 2006 P.
3. Signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Regional Representative for the Middle East and North Africa on Drugs and Crime of the United Nations, 2006 P.
4. The signing of a cooperation agreement with the President of the International Organization „Orbis” on the treatment of eye diseases.
5. The signing of a cooperation agreement with the University of Mainz, Germany, to provide medical services for deaf children.

The most important work of charity:

1. The development of women’s police stations police stations.
2. The establishment of a special program to protect women and battered women through the hotline (1515).
3. Establishment of a center for the treatment of children with autism.
4. Establishing a center for information technology for the blind to get the international license in the computer field.
5. Establishing a center for rehabilitation and training of young people in the computer field.
6. Open classrooms and vocational education center and sewing of reform and rehabilitation institutions (prisons) in the Great Jamahiriya.
7. The conduct of health campaigns for a number of African and Arab countries.
8. Supervision and to contribute to vaccinate three million Libyan children.
9. Contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of a number of children affected by Chernobyl interactive.
10. Care training workshops at the local level and regional Oaazat female religious to fight AIDS.