PRINTESA Kylie Minogue lansează clipul provocator „Timebomb”. Cum arată artista la 43 de ani

În urmă cu două zile, cântăreaţa de origine australiană Kylie Minogue şi-a lansat pe You Tube cel mai recent single al ei: „Timebomb”. Deşi are 43 de ani, artista apare în ţinute extrem de provocatoare, care îi scot în evidenţă posteriorul, dar şi corpul bine lucrat

În imaginile din clip Kylie Minogue se plimbă pe străzile din Londra într-o pereche de blugi scurţi şi o geacă de piele inscripţionată cu o inimă. Spre sfârşitul clipului, cântăreaţa îşi schimbă ţinuta într-una provocatoare: o rochie care abia îi acoperă părţile intime.

Artista, diagnosticată în 2005 cu cancer la sân, se află într-o formă de zile mari şi asta se poate observa şi din clipul noului său single, care a fost lansat pentru a marca cei 25 de ani de carieră ai cântăreţei.

Videoclipul pentru cea mai recentă piesă a artistei a fost filmat în zona Soho, unde a generat haos pe străzile londoneze, notează Daily Mail. Videoclipul single-ului „Timebomb „ a fost regizat de Christian Larson.

Clipul postat pe You Tube în urmă cu două zile a strâns aproape 861.878 de vizualizări.
Kylie then hops out and into an open-topped car, which takes her to a dark back alley.

After running through the alley she ends up in a warehouse-style building, where she dances in a barely-there dress consisting of strips of black fabric held barely together by thinner strings of material.

The star is celebrating her long career by making a Best Of collection – to be released on the 4th of June here in the UK and on the 19th of June in the US.

The compilation album will include her hits ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’, ‘Spinning Around’ and ‘wow’,

Kylie has more recently been promoting her new movie, Holy Motors at the Cannes film festival.

But it was her battle with cancer which dominated a publicity interview with Paris Match magazine, with Kylie saying: ‘Over time, people have a tendency to forget about it.

‘Not me. A day does not go by without me thinking about it. Just looking in a mirror is enough – the scars are moral and physical.
‘There are days when I feel an incredible anger, others when I say that I was very lucky in my misfortune.

‘I always try to present an optimistic picture. At first, I look very open, but basically, I’m pretty reserved. I knew I was strong, I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who really loved me.

‘I feel like a cat, having had several lives. In my career as in my personal life, I made enough bad decisions to land me in deep water. Finally, I haven’t got out too badly.’
Following her diagnosis with breast cancer in 2005, Kylie spent much of her time being treated in Paris, where she lived with her then boyfriend, the actor Olivier Martinez.

Now she is going out with the Spanish model Andres Velencoso – but expressed no intention of marrying him.

Instead Kylie said: ‘Love is hard work. I have never believed that marriage was the be all and end all.
There are people who think that a beautiful story will last a lifetime. I tell myself it will last as long as it lasts, I’m less disappointed.’

‘I’m wiser, more tolerant, less demanding. I am very happy today because Andres totally respects who I am. If I’m looking resplendent or I wake up haggard, it is the same.’

‘And when I go into a spin for no reason, when I feel totally clueless, I ask myself a thousand questions, who I am, what I want, where I’m going … He is there.’

‘I am cured and very much in love – it helps! Andres is handsome, friendly and also very easy going.’

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