Elena Chirikova Елена Чирикова

Elena Chirikova
e din Ucraina, (Stepangorod) are 29 de ani, nascuta in 26 ianuarie 1983, ochii verzi parul blond, greutate 55 kg. Inaltime 1.67. ii place muzica alternativa.


9 ianuarie 2012 –

Hello, my dear Roberto!!!!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!! Today is another wonderful day I
am grateful for… How are you doing there??? I like your photos very
much! Thank you for them!!! I hope to hear more about you in your next
letter!!! It is nice that you live in Udine! I have heard about it a
lot and dream to see with my own eyes someday! I am glad you don’t
have bad habits too. I am sorry for your previous relations with a
woman. But life has to go on… I like classical music too a lot!

As you already know my name is Elena!!! I live in Ukraine Stepangorod
town, Rivne region. It is near the Carpathian mountains and we have a
very beautiful nature here!!! Do you like mountains??? Mountain
cycling in summer and skiing in winter? I like it a lot!!! You are
welcome to join me!!!:))) My village is very small and calm, it is
very beautiful in all the seasons!!! As for climate here we have hot
summers and cold winters. My motto is live and let live! Every day is
a good day!

To tell you about my family, we are very united!!!! I have both of my
parents (thanks God!), and also younger sister and brother, I love all
of them dearly!!!! I definitely have the most wonderful family in the
world!! It was hard for them at first to accept my decision to find a
husband abroad but now they have resigned themselves to it and they
are ready to maintain me in everything! They want me to be happy!! My
Birth date is 26.01.1983, I am Aquarius!

As you know I work as a laborant nurse at the local hospital
laboratory. It is a nice job but not very well paid unfortunately.
That is why I also work as a baby sitter three times per week. I love
kids very much and it seems they love me too. Also I have a lot of
experience raising my younger siblings!! My brother Misha is 10 years
younger than me he is 19 now, and my sister Vika is 13 years younger
than me she is 16 now. So I can tell you that I have two jobs!!! No I
almost have a third job as taking care about my family takes a lot of
my time as well! My parents are pensioners, my younger brother is a
student and sister is a school girl, that is why I need to do my best
to support my family.

So I think it is enough for today or I feel you are going to fall
asleep soon:)) I just think I need to tell you from the beginning that
I write you this letter not at home from my own computer, I don’t
speak English and don’t have a computer at home that is why I need to
use the service of a translational company. Yes it is very
inconvenient for me to write you letters through another person too,
but it is the only way for me to communicate with you now. I promise
to learn some English in the nearest future!!! I truly hope it is not
a very big problem for you.

What else about me? I am very affectionate. I want to have a man that
wants that. I love to give and get kisses throughout the day. I want
him to feel my touch on his waist and my lips on his shoulder or neck
as he is busy with something and I want to get the same from him! I
want him to feel my love surrounding and protecting him… I know that
we must get to know each other much better at first but I already feel
that it can be you! I have a lot of emotions and expectations when I
write to you. I hope that you can feel them… I want trust that you
will be a good husband and a good father. I will be waiting for the
news from you!! Please don’t forget to answer me as soon as you will
get this letter!!! I kiss you!! Elena.

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Hello!! 7 ianuarie 2012

Merry Christmas to you!!!
A nice good day to you! Or evening:)) I am Elena, I live in Ukraine
but I don’t mind to relocate abroad for marriage with the right man!
Are you interested? If yes write me as soon as you can! Internet is a
nice place to meet each other I think, but also very dangerous. I have
heard a lot of scary stories about the men who are looking just for
sex slaves from Ukraine and Russia, also stories about the girls from
here who cheat men from abroad for money. I want you to be careful
here as there are a lot of cheater in Internet. As for me I am not one
of them. My search is very serious! And I truly hope that you are very
serious too.

So I live in Ukraine and work as a laborant nurse at the local
laboratory. I have a higher education. I like the life, the life is
beautiful, my friends say that I am happy, warm, caring, loyal,
trustworthy, affectionate, passionate, hard working, confident,
romantic girl and the most important Honest! I will write you much
more the next time if you are interested ok?? Also I plan to send you
a lot of photos of me, my family and friends:)

I am on a quest to find my hot blooded partner. Someone who thinks
that sincerity is not an old hat and thinks love and affection are
heavenly gifts & free to all of us. Someone that holds your hands and
helps you to recover in days of need. Someone who is steady and
reliable, classy and elegant, educated and charismatic. If you are
there, do give me a bell and I pledge to treat you better than your
dreams, with respect, dignity, love and generosity. Well, the
catch!!?? Write me soon!! Please!!! You can write me here:
Kiss you in your warm cheek!!! Elena.

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