Courtnie Quinlan, de la pagina 3

De la pagina 3 The Sun. Născută în Marea Britanie, 1 ianuarie 1991
Courtnie Quinlan is a mix of English and St. Lucian ancestry. She said when she was little she had a head full of curly, dark hair and olive skin and she hated feeling different than her classmates. She was scouted by a children’s modeling agency when she was six, but she was too shy and refused.

Growing up, Courtnie Quinlan described herself as a tomboy. At school, she worked hard and was a good student. She went to an all girls grammar school in Plymouth. After she graduated, she attended college to study podiatry.

Per her website, she didn’t develop breasts until she was 16, “so I never thought I’d have what it takes to be a model. I think I grew them overnight!” When she was 18, Courtnie Quinlan entered a local competition to be in a charity swimwear calendar. She was voted by the public as one of the winners. “It was a major confidence boost which made me come out of my shell.”

She left school and focused on modeling. She is represented by Samantha Bond Management.

Courtnie Quinlan spoke out in defense of her modeling career after students at The University of Essex’ student’s union said it would no longer stock copies of The Sun and the Star because they carried nude pictures. Apparently, the university was the 20th in the UK to sign up to the No More Page 3 campaign.

Said Courtnie, “Most of the girls I work with are degree educated young women, who can completely hold their own, not the unintelligent stereotype I hear far too often. We are all different, shapes, sizes, races, but all completely natural, so I feel we promote a healthy body image unlike many women’s magazines who constantly criticize celebrities weight and appearance even on their covers. We choose to do the job, emphasis on choose.”

Courtnie Quinlan resides in England and is currently single

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